There’s an icon link to my official YouTube channel under the menu bar on the homepage. You can also watch my first YouTube video, Concepts of Dark, Love, and Light, below:

To make it easier to find me on YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter, I’m MarcusBrady4 on all three. The two differences with YouTube is that there’s user/ after the website name/ and before the MarcusBrady4, and that my YouTube channel is called Marcus Brady rather than MarcusBrady4 because I’ve linked the channel to my Google+ account  so that I can use my real name  as the title for my  channel (instead of MarcusBrady4 or MarcusBradyWriter or something like that). MarcusBrady4 is my username for my YouTube channel; it’s part of the web address for the channel. I set up a Google+ account  simply so that  I  could use my real name with my YouTube channel. I don’t link to my Google+ account on my website because I’m not an active user on Google+.