the start of scene 1 (set on a beach in galway, ireland)

NARRATOR. Spiddal, Galway, Republic of Ireland.
1990 Common Era.
      [Spread out over the beach are members of a family,
      four of which are close together in one place:
      Vevina (a woman), Annabel (a baby girl), Ernst (an old man),
      and Quinlan (an Irish yellow Labrador Retriever).
VEVINA. Jehovah’s Atlantic witnesses me,
My spouse, his father, my mother, my dog,
And my daughter, who is a little girl
Fifteen weeks out of the room of my womb.
Human demi-angels, are you cantankerous?
Our brains… are the beautiful, supreme, wall-breaking,
Fence-blazing, star-kissing, evolution-woven
Executors of nature’s reveries.
Unease is on me in that cheerful gloom
Stating and arranging invitation.
There is something new as I am bemused
Yet still learning, and then an old angel
Comes with wings of weather and face weathered.
[to Ernst] One day you might be an angel, Ernst, but
This old angel is not you. He is someone
I have never met or seen before.
[to all] I look into his eyes, and I do see
What seems to be the highest shine of light.
His rise, mine follow: there are some clouds there,
Darker than I have ever seen, black as raven’s death.
The greatest part of high Eternature
Sings, rings, calls, plays, and prays for us and you.
The present is new – ah its things are free,
And now I’m doubt, and now I’m fear,
Because I do not know if I am here.
The interpretation of complex complications
And their patterns, intrinsic and derived, is a challenge.
[to Annabel] With your putting of your hands into the
Sea, rarity knows you are inside it.
With your palm you lift liquid to your mouth,
But you dislike the taste – I knew you would –
And so you spit it out back into the sea.
When I was young like you, I loved to be with the sea,
Due to its enticing and calming motions and sounds.
You never hitherto met any sea,
Thus toddle, not wave, to satisfaction.
A void hangs with infinity in space:
A rule of simple knowledge, Annabel.
On the edge of an ocean you may be
But I keep an eye on you to see that
You are safe, and I say that one day the
Title of mother will be yours, Daughter.

The above excerpt forms just a small part of the full 25-scene play of Dark, Love, and Light, that’s available now!