a part of scene 6 (set in a hotel room in denver, u.s.a.) 

HABIB. It is good that you three people are here
For two weeks, as it allows you time to see things.
Tomorrow night’s entertainment company
Launch will take place in a hall a few miles
From here at eight o’clock. I will collect
You all from outside your hotel. I will
Also collect you all from your hotel
On Tuesday at two in the afternoon.
I am a Muslim, and Otto thinks you
Two girls would enjoy seeing inside a
Local mosque.
ANNABEL.       That sounds nice.
JOSIE.                                      That is very good.
LILA [American]. Josie, Annabel, Otto, I cannot
Come tomorrow night because Father was
Given no more than four passes to go,
And I am dedicated to going
To a party tomorrow night already anyway.
Next Tuesday at two I will be in class
At school. I am sorry that it is so, but it is.
OTTO. How kind of you to say.
ANNABEL.                              Yes.
JOSIE.                                          Yes, Lila.
LILA. I have never been to Ireland, or any
Other part of cold Europe, but I have
Backpacked with a couple of friends around
Much of warm Europe. I do not like cold
Weather. I know it is warmer in cold
Europe in summer, but I prefer warmer still.
My father is not keen on cold either,
Yet he has seen Manchester United, his
Favourite soccer team, play at England’s Old Trafford.
HABIB. We won, beating Chelsea, 2-1, with an entrancing,
Smooth, last-minute Quantez Garibaldo
Cody Tilova overhead kick goal.
Ah, it was a fabulous match, with sun –
Nice for me, a Saudi Arabian.
ANNABEL. [aside] How are things with you where you are, Orville?
Barriers revolve about passages;
Delightful poems in luck’s galaxies;
Hatterly my thinking and I gambol;
Concerned I am of truculent shudders.
HABIB. Do any of you four know about super-prodigies?
ANNABEL. I do not. Does someone else know about them?
HABIB. Super-prodigies are a very rare
Kind of child genius that can be found
All across the globe. They exhibit
Extraordinary precociousness and
Assume minds as children that match or surpass
Those of intelligent and skilled grown-ups.
I will tell you a little now about
Six of the most interesting super-prodigies
And their achievements as children, and, where
Applicable, as adults.

The above excerpt forms just a small part of the full 25-scene play of Dark, Love, and Light, that’s available now!