a part of scene 2 (set in a church in galway, ireland)

NARRATOR. Eighteen years later, in 2008:
[The church entrance doors open. Enter Annabel and Orville
ANNABEL. Good dark, good God and good Orville, and good light.
Creation is about creation and
We live now with many advanced creations.
The summer holidays are concluding
But with our first date tonight I am in
A good mood. This is a beautiful church.
Orville, tell me of those English ladies.
ORVILLE [English]. Most of them are in England, where they are
Quite happy. My mind is alone with you.
ANNABEL. One’s jealousy is a disturbing force.
I wanted a special place for this night
To help allow for serious expectations.
ORVILLE. We are children, Annabel, but now we
Are also adults: we are both eighteen.
I greatly like to make words for women;
You who labour so virtuously to
Be nice, you who are magic keys to the
Beauty of the Lord’s Holy Trinity.
When I will wake you on future mornings
I will grant you your morning kisses, and
Then I will grant you your two morning trays.
The trays will be laden with what you like:
Pancakes and mint coffee will change the time,
A drying bowl and a rumbling saucer,
Coconut syrup and gooseberry cheesecake.
When you are walking outside amidst nature,
The sun makes you smile, the birds make you laugh,
The cold makes you add your coat, and I hope
That the spider on your shoe makes you shriek,
But not cry, because I would like your life
To be exciting, but not upsetting.
If you, my girlfriend, were to become my wife,
We would love one another all our lives
As earnestly as the children would love
Us when babies, but in really different
Ways, of course – in grown-up, liberated ways.
To you, proposing I am not just yet,
Annabel. I am purely serving to
Entertain you earnestly.
ANNABEL. What clever lines will emerge next from the
Words alive and balancing in your head’s
ORVILLE.   Romeo Montague,
Casanova, Lancelot… Orville Whitworth.
Do you know that “laser” is an acronym?
Its letters mean “light amplification by
The stimulated emission of radiation”.
ANNABEL. Now I do.
ORVILLE.                Do you know that the word “girl”
Is also an acronym? That word means
Gentle, intelligent, righteous, and loving.
ANNABEL. You switched the subject to return to it.
But what does “boy” mean?
ORVILLE.                           You want to know now.
[he kisses her]
Boy means brave, optimistic, and yearning.
ANNABEL. To girls these lines hitherto you have told.
It must have taken you some time to dream
Them up, develop them out, and memorise them in.
ORVILLE. Cannot they be heartbeat-instant statements?
ANNABEL. Too unlikely to be believable.
Have you a metal in pocket for a
Candle, please? Thank you. [lights one] Sweet candlelighting.
Orville, gaze with me to see the secret
Sparkle of the candles, and then watch with me.
It’s wonderful, wonderful, to read the
Writing of radiance. I am so happy
Because I love the feeling of angels.
But tragically there are a lot of
People in the world who are unhappy,
Because they are homeless, ill, malnourished,
Angry, wounded – or are sad, lost, scared, tired,
Doubtful of any hope, crying, or dead.
ORVILLE. It is certainly true that the problems of the world and life create unhappiness for humans. Being homeless aside, the problems you mentioned are ones that everyone has to deal with in some form. Everyone gets unhappy, ill, hungry, angry, injured, sad, lost, tired, doubtful, and cries, at times, and everyone dies some time. Men do cry, though of course they do this very little. Problems are different when a problem plaguing one person or more is genuinely serious in nature, or when a number of less serious problems plague one person or more at the same time. The resolution of serious problems or a combination of less serious problems demands diverse implemented expressions of active determination on the parts of people worldwide. As the problems you mentioned are particularly commonplace and serious in developing nations, people living in developed nations must use the developed and available educational, economic, medical, and corporate resources of their nations to help the needy of developing nations. In the times of disaster crisis of developing nations involving malevolent floods or crumbling earthquakes, developed nations must respond quickly with humanitarian emergency aid. There must be constant providence of development aid from well-off nations to nations less well off. Yet aid of developed nations to resolve problems of developing nations can have its own associated problems: promises of aid are not always disbursements of aid, and actual aid itself can be a problem by its frequent form as loans that make debt for developing nations. So disbursed debt-free aid is the aid needed. The critical emphasis for the well-off when providing active help for the less well-off must be on the practical. The worldwide needy want and need real help and fast and on a continuing basis.
ANNABEL. Absolutely.
ORVILLE. Words of seriousness for seriousness. The English language is more alive today than ever due to the now global use of its words for countless purposes, both serious and fun. Here are some English words for fun for you now: every girl should own a penguin.
ANNABEL. Sadly, there aren’t enough penguins, or girls with enough money, either of their own or available from their parents in the world to realise such a wish. Though to own a penguin would be nice; I would like that. Our family dog, Quinlan, would no doubt be displeased to have a penguin, or any other pet larger than a goldfish, vying for our attentions, however. His inevitable, though understandable jealousy, if I owned a penguin would likely give rise to tension and disagreements between himself and the penguin, which I am unlikely to ever own, yet enjoy imagining owning.
Preston told me that Andreas, who, like you,
Loves rugby, might join your rugby team after
Falling out with his own team’s manager.
Does truth smile?
ORVILLE. Its mouth and forehead frown with scorn. He won’t.
ANNABEL. Why not?
ORVILLE. He cheated on my manager’s daughter.
ANNABEL. Oh. What a naughty fellow! [silence] Parts of face.
The eye’s full Earth from space. Michael Jordan.
ORVILLE. One of the finest athletes of all time:
A shooting guard with regular slam dunks.
ANNABEL. Unlike penguins, he could, man moving, fly.
ORVILLE. He set an NBA record for highest
Career regular season scoring average
Of 30.1 points per game.
ANNABEL. I prefer camogie to basketball,
But that man was a superb defender.
ORVILLE. A man that could fly without needing wings,
Though wings, like angel wings, are beautiful.
Paint the gorgeous feathered fans of God,
The Virgin, the Ghost, Joseph, and the Son.
Do you know that because of a bundle
Of accounts of sightings and numerous
Very old properties, many of which
Are still homes today, England is known as
One of the most haunted lands of the globe?
ANNABEL. But homes for whom? Or what?
ORVILLE. Whom or what, indeed. Perhaps the most haunted
Building in England is the famous Tower
Of London. Actually consisting
Of multiple towers, it is believed
By some to have at least a dozen spectral
Presences, including King Henry VI,
King Edward V and his brother Richard,
Queen Anne Boleyn, and a grieving teenage girl.
ANNABEL. I wonder if ghosts love too.
ORVILLE. A good classic girl thing to think and say.
ANNABEL. I am simply introducing one kind
Of perspective to the slinking mood here.
Information alters in reactions.
ORVILLE. Receptive! I am pleased by this intrigue.
Bequeath things if doing so brings healing to you,
Bequeath things to those that really need them;
Bequeath things or retain them – it can be puzzling:
Bequeath things with worthy thought-out motives,
Bequeath things with fair, transforming actions.
ANNABEL. Reviewing the stained-glass saints above and
Behind the altar is easier closer,
To decipher the encryption of an
Idea, to access information.
Sensitivity to artistic configurations
Differs for each person. The language of
Revelation through the meaning of tears
Is individual in incidence.
Like the tarumph of an elephant,
Or honour’s sliding tongue in the face of death,
Or like the cricket’s flicking vibrations,
Or geyser’s release of steam and water,
So to me do you speak, our masterpiece.
Dream of skill’s everlasting future, yet
Ignore nostalgia, though one may endure
Historical civilization’s lure;
A correlation in cerebrum’s moor
Extracted ductile from its new sewers
Could pollute, or its ooze could be a cure.
ORVILLE. Mountains on Mars twenty thousand feet high.
A man out running with a running dog.
ANNABEL. You are good, Orville, at coming up with
Imagery markedly curious.

The above excerpt forms just a small part of the full 25-scene play of Dark, Love, and Light, that’s available now!