DARK, LOVE, AND LIGHT by Marcus Brady

A 21st century play set in Ireland, England, and the United States, with rich Shakespeare-style language

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At summer’s end in Spiddal, Galway, Ireland, Annabel O’Connor and English boy Orville Whitworth are eighteen and in love with each other. They have their first date in Annabel’s local church – her unusual choice. Not long after this, Annabel, Orville, their English friend Kara Stevenson, other friends, and family attend a special ceremony for the historic and global Irish diaspora, that is held at Galway Airport, and attended by multiple world leaders.

Following the ceremony Annabel goes abroad, with her father, and her friend Josie, to Denver, U.S.A. There they meet Habib, a Saudi Arabian friend of her father’s, who takes them as guests to a multimedia entertainment company launch, and also shows them around his local mosque.

At the same time Orville goes abroad with friends Kara and Preston to Birmingham, England. There Orville plays a rugby match as a guest player for his old club Young Dexterity against old rivals The Mobilisers. Kara and Preston watch. The three also pay a visit to Orville’s English family home.

Back in Ireland, Kara celebrates her eighteenth birthday at a party attended by Annabel, Orville, and other friends. This is soon followed by an encounter for Annabel and Josie with lesbians in a warehouse; a short film set on a lake; a visit to an Earth Exhibition in Dublin for Annabel, Orville, Kara, and others; and many other things in many other places. Along the way on their journey through the events of Dark, Love, and Light the characters of the play learn a lot about love, wisdom, experiences, understanding, and life in its diversity.

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Hi. I’m Marcus Brady. Welcome to my website! I write plays and novels. My first book Dark, Love, and Light, a 21st century play with Shakespeare-style language, is out now! 



February 18, 2015

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Hi all, I hope you’re in good form. I’ve written the script for a new YouTube video of mine, which will feature me personally in a video on my YouTube channel for the first time. It’ll be called Marcus Brady Talks About Dark, Love, and Light. I’ll be filming the video and uploading it to YouTube soon. I’m continuing work on my first novel Dimension Generations and my second play The Beauty of Bread. Work on both is going fine. I plan on setting up two blogs later this year. One will be about books only; the other will be about everything and anything else I want to blog about. An e-book version of Dark, Love, and Light (for Kindle and other formats) is also in the works.

August 3, 2014

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I’ve changed my mind about the novel I want to write. Yes, again. Sorry about any annoyance this may cause anyone, but as this is what I now want to do, I feel that this is the right thing for me to do. I’ve decided to retire my thriller novel Dreams and Realities (for the time being anyway) and to return to my novel Dimension Generations. I previously described this as a science fiction and fantasy novel, but I now describe it as a fantasy novel with science fiction elements. I drew upon some of the content of Dimension Generations for Dreams and Realities; I’ll be reinserting this content into Dimension Generations, and drawing upon some other content of Dreams and Realities for my fantasy novel too. I’ll be revising my new popular fiction novel Dimension Generations as well.

June 29, 2014

Dreams and Realities, the general fiction novel I told you I was writing, is now a thriller.

May 3, 2014

Hi everyone, I hope you’re well. I’ve decided that I won’t be having a Web Works section, featuring short works of website-exclusive writing of mine, on the website after all. Sorry about any disappointment this may cause anyone, but I’m just no longer interested in having such a section on the website. I have, however, finished the general fiction mini-story My Final Day As A Child that was to be the first Web Work. But I won’t be posting it on this website; I’ve posted it on my Facebook page. There’s a link to my Facebook page where you can read the story at the end of this news post. Although I won’t now be having a Web Works section, I will continue to post little bits of writing of mine on my Facebook and Twitter pages. You can read My Final Day As A Child (the post is dated 3 May on Facebook) by clicking here.

February 28, 2014

The Web Works section that I said I’d be adding to the Writer section of the website will be up soon, but not in February which is almost over now, because I’ve unfortunately just been too busy with various things to get the first Web Work properly finished. Sorry about this, but it can’t be helped. The Web Works section and the first Web Work will be up on the site soon. I can tell you that the first Web Work will be a general fiction mini-story called My Final Day As A Child.

January 23, 2014

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Hello everyone, I hope you’re having a happy 2014. I’m still writing away at my first novel Dreams and Realities. I’ve started work on my second play The Beauty of Bread as well, but I’m mainly focused on writing Dreams and Realities. Next month I’ll be adding a new section to the Writer section of the website. The new section will be called Web Works and will be at the top of the drop-down menu bar for Writer on the main menu bar, at the top of the homepage. I’ll be featuring some short works of original, website-exclusive writing of mine in this new Web Works section. These will include mini-plays, mini-stories, and perhaps some other kinds of writing (but definitely the first two). These web works, or mini-works, will be short at maybe 500-1000 words in length, but will add something extra to the website. They’ll also help plug the gaps between the releases of my books. Ahead of the addition of this Web Works section and the first web work, you might like to visit my Facebook and Twitter pages, where, in case you don’t know, you can read some little bits of original writing of mine occasionally. And please send me a friend request or follow me on Facebook, and follow me on Twitter!

November 9, 2013

Hi everyone I hope you are in good form today. I can tell you that I’ve started work on my second play. It is a general fiction play like my recently-released first play Dark, Love, and Light. It is once again a 21st century play with Shakespeare-style language, written in verse. The name of my second play is The Beauty of Bread.

October 1, 2013

My first book Dark, Love, and Light, a 21st century play with Shakespeare-style language, set in Ireland, England, and the United States, is now available!

September 26, 2013

You may have read in The Writing of Dark, Love, and Light in the Dark, Love, and Light section of the Books section of this website that I’m going to be writing my future plays mostly in prose. But I’ve changed this info on the website because I’ve changed my mind about this. I now intend to write my future plays in verse like my first play Dark, Love, and Light, whose release date is just five days away now!

September 1, 2013

At some point after I finish my first novel, the general fiction Dreams and Realities, I intend to finish my science fiction and fantasy novel Dimension Generations in a revised form. There’s just one month to go now until the release of my first play, the general fiction Dark, Love, and Light. I really hope you like Dark, Love, and Light. I loved writing it.

August 3, 2013

Hi everyone! I told you recently that I was writing a science fiction and fantasy novel entitled Dimension Generations. But I’ve just stopped writing this novel in favour of a new novel. This novel is a popular fiction novel like Dimension Generations, but is a general fiction novel. The new novel draws upon some of the content of Dimension Generations. I’ve entitled my new general fiction novel Dreams and Realities. Dreams and Realities will be closer in content to my play Dark, Love, and Light (out on October 1) than Dimension Generations was.

July 8, 2013

I’m pleased to be able to tell you that my official YouTube channel is now up. I’ve just uploaded my first video, Concepts of Dark, Love, and Light, which ties in with the content of my first book Dark, Love, and Light that will be released on October 1. There’s now an icon link to my YouTube channel under the menu bar at the top of the homepage. You can also visit the channel by clicking on the link below:


June 30, 2013

Hi now I told you that I’d be launching my official YouTube channel today, but unfortunately an unexpected problem has prevented me from doing so. I have a finished video for my first video, and it looks good when I play it on my PC, but when I uploaded it to YouTube today the video was all messed up. I’ll have to look into why this happened; I might have to re-edit the video to work on YouTube. Sorry that I’m not launching my YouTube channel for you today, but this uploading problem with my video is unexpected. Once I’ve got a good version of my first video up on YouTube I’ll let you know, and hopefully soon!

June 10, 2013

A couple of bits of news for you: the first is that I’m launching my official YouTube channel on June 30. The second bit of news is that I can tell you that my first novel, that I’m currently writing, is a science fiction and fantasy novel entitled Dimension Generations.

June 1, 2013

Hi everyone, I hope you are well. I can tell you that  I’m now up and running on Facebook and Twitter. There are now icons linking to my pages on the two social networks under the menu bar at the top of the homepage. You can also click through to my pages on the two networks here:



May 15, 2013

I’ve set up pages on Facebook and Twitter, but there’s no content on the pages yet. There will be soon and then  I’ll place  icons linking to the pages under the menu bar on the homepage.